The Fletcher's Cascade Path

Located on Route 49 in Waterville Valley

Total Distance: approximately 1.2 miles from the parking area to the cascades
Difficulty Level: Easy/Moderate
Climbed August 3, 1997
Weather conditions: Hazy & Humid/high 70's

Traveling North on Route 49, the parking area is on the right just before Tripoli Rd. The trail is accessed by following the Drake's Brook Trail on an old carriage road, bearing left at the ski trail, then right onto the hiking trail (well marked). It runs parallel with Drake's Brook and eventually crosses it and then climbs more steeply to the cascades. The trail is rather wet in places and has had signs of washout repair. There are several small brooks that cross the path, and a short stretch of the trail has scattered boulders that need to be walked over or around and can be slippery. It was also overgrown in some areas, but well blazed and passable.