Heald Tract

The Heald tract is a section of Wilton NH which has been graciously donated in part to the Society for the Preservation for NH Forests. Some of the land within this area is owned by Kimball Physics. This is an area encompassing over 975 acres and shows what generosity among landowners can accomplish. The trails are on the whole beautifully maintained, and though I must admit it is often easy to lose your way, you wonít regret it as one section is more beautiful than the next. With such an extensive amount of trails it is often hard to keep up with the maintenance of all of them. Many of the locals do what they can because it is such a special place to us all. The views in certain areas are spectacular with glimpses of Mt. Watatic in the distance. This area is open to hunters so one must beware during hunting season, but all the hunters I have run into have been cautious and extremely polite and bemoaning the lack of game.

Four wheelers are not allowed, but snowmobiles are, on certain trails and extend from Heald to Greenville and Wilton. Contact Jonís Cycle in Wilton, NH for more information on trails. Please take care as there are many horseback riders, hikers and dogs on these trails.

Speaking of horses, there is ample parking by the old barn for about 3 horse trailers. Not all the trails are rideable as there are some blocked by Beaver dams and others where a footbridge is your only crossing.

There are some great old stone foundations off the trails and well worth the look. One often wonders at the extent of them. One such foundation I rode up to with a friend and even on our big horses we couldnít see the top of the stones. Quite impressive!

To access Heald check out the Kimball Physics website as they have terrific directions (and maps) to their main office which is at the entrance of the Heald tract. After you turn down Heald Lane you will see a beaver pond on your right followed soon after by the Preservation sign, also on your right, with a small parking area. If you are driving a trailer, continue up the road to the old barn on your left. Turn in before the barn. Watch for the water access plate in the middle of the parking lot as the stake often falls down. Further information can be accessed from the SPNHF.

As an additional note. The Heald Tract can be accessed through Sheldrick Forest. Check out the map at their location to see how to do it.

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