Lockes Hill Trails

Located in Gilford, off Route 11

Total Distance: approximately 2 miles (loop)
Difficulty Level: Easy/Moderate
Climbed July 5, 1997 & July 12, 1997
Weather conditions: Fair/80's

From Gilford, follow Route 11 East. The parking area for the trail is after the "hiking" sign on the right. Inside the parking area, there is a trail guide that maps out the trail. This trail is a loop that can be accessed from the Quarry Trail to the left of the trail guide, and the Lakeview Trail to the right. It is marked with blue blazes. We began on the Quarry Trail, which according to the map was moderate to steep and would take approximately 45 minutes to reach the top. The beginning of the ascent was very easy and the footing extremely good. We would compare it to a nice walk in the woods. It became somewhat steeper towards the "top" of the loop, but was not strenuous, (our 2 1/2 yr old walked about 1/2 way). Views from the Quarry trail include being able to overlook Laconia Airport. As you reach the "top" of the loop, there are several offshoot trails that afford terrific views of the areas lakes. The descent (Lakeview Trail) was much steeper, but less rocky, than the ascent, so depending on your preference, you should decide at the beginning of the hike which you prefer. Ascending steep, or Descending steep. Either way the footing is excellent. These trails are located in the Kimball Wildlife Forest, and I believe, (someone correct me if I'm wrong), are maintained by UNH. There are 15 trail markers along the route, each describing the different wildlife and habitats of the forest. We saw large birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and snakes during the hike. This is an excellent wildlife educational experience for young children.