Mt. Tecumseh Trail

Located on Waterville Valley access road

Total Distance :(from parking area to summit) 2.2 miles
Difficulty Level: Moderate/Difficult
Climbed August 31, 1997
Weather conditions: Partly Cloudy - 70's

Follow Rt. 49 to Tripoli Rd. Follow Tripoli Rd to the Ski Area base camp. The trail head is directly across from the parking area. The trail runs adjacent to a brook and a short distance in crosses it. The water level was very low, but looks like it could run full after a lot of rain or in the spring. The trail continues, ascending moderately through the woods. At almost a mile, it descends and re-crosses the brook. The brook at this crossing was dry, but again, in the right conditions could be full with running water. The trail continues to ascend moderately until it reaches a juncture where the it turns sharp right (well marked). If you take an offshoot left a few feet, you come out onto the slopes and have a fine wide open view of Mt. Osceloa, and Mt. Tripyramid's three peaks. Continuing on the trail, it immediately climbs steeply on an old logging road. It is rock covered (much loose rock and slippery if wet). This stretch seems to go on for a very long time, we estimate for about a mile. The trail then meets with the Sosman trail to the left and levels off. We were fortunate enough to be able to watch a couple of pheasants feeding on the Sosman Trail. Continue on until you come to a fork in which the summit of Mt. Tecumseh can be reached either way (well marked). The trail, sometimes narrow, ascends moderately to the summit. We were somewhat disappointed when we reached it, though. It was very small in area, and the surrounding views were impeded by trees. The trail continues from the summit to Tripoli Rd for another 3.2 miles. We opted to go back the way we came, although descending the mile of rock stretch was somewhat slow.