The Wapack Trail

Total distance: 21.4 miles

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

Hiked, consistently over the past two years

All weather conditions, always spectacular

The Northern most point of the Wapack starts at Old Mountain Road in Greenfield. 2.6mi W of NH 31 or 4.3 mi E of US 202 via Sand Hill Rd out of Peterborough. Parking is along the road. The first leg takes you up North Pack, through the Wapack National Wildlife Refuge. This trail is rocky in spots so would avoid it in icy weather. The least traveled portion of the trail heads south from North Pack, then up the back side of Pack Monadnock and into Miller State Park. Crossing Rte 101 and climbing Temple Mountain, is not a problem before snow, but a trail fee is assessed when the ski area is operating. Temple then rolls into Holt Peak, which rolls into Burton Peak, then down to Temple Road in Sharon. Head south to Nashua Road and re-enter the woods. This is an easy walk to Rte 123/124. Crossing the road you enter Windblown Ski area, a private ski club. During winter, travel is restricted to cross country skis or snowshoes and registration and a fee are required. Best to hike before the snow flies. The trail wanders up along a beautiful mountain stream, across Barrett, New Ipswich, Stony Top and Pratt Mountains.and on through the old Watatic Ski Area, a bit spooky in its abandonment. It then links up with Nutting Hill Rd and ends on MA 119. There are many side trails well worth exploring. Most of the route is accessible to dogs. Miller Park requires leashes and we stick to the eastern most trail as it is less rocky. There is a wonderful book by John E. Flanders and published by the Friends of the Wapack which is a must have for anyone hiking this trail. A map is included. Anyone interested should contact

Friends of the Wapack

P.O. Box 115

West Peterborough, NH 03468.

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